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Mü-Gu Kft. has dealt with the takeover, collection and treatment of scrapped, written-off electric and electronic machines since 2005. Depending on the nature of the waste, we disassemble by grinding or manually and sort the various machines, equipment delivered to our site, thereby reaching the highest possible recovery ratio. Regardless of whether we need to deal with household machines or electronic waste generated during production, we are ready to serve our existing and future customers.
The technical skills of our company group makes it possible for us to apply technologies that enable us to collect, process, forward as base material the

  • large household machines
  • small household appliances
  • information and telecommunication equipment
  • articles of consumer electronics
  • luminaires
  • electric DIY machines
  • toys, leisure and sports equipment
  • medical devices
  • verifying, control and observing instruments
  • automated feeding machines

meeting today’s expectations, in a high volume.

After visual inspection, we remove the harmful or hazardous materials contained in electric devices by manual disassembly, then we first shred the electric or electronic waste made safe by this process, then we let it through an induction sorting machine, where metallic materials get separated from non-metallic materials. The further treatment of metallic and non-metallic fractions takes place in the non-ferrous metal and plastic processing plant of our Austrian parent company.

Concerning information on takeover, please contact our staff.

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