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We deal with iron and metal scraps, ingots, generated in the industry during processes and by amortization as well as in agriculture, furthermore, equipment, machines, devices, parts that contain these only in part, etc., including

  • purchasing,
  • transport from the place of generation (except when delivered by residents),
  • pre-treatment, processing for steelworks and foundries,
  • Sale, wholesale.


For the performance of all these activities, we have several hundred containers (1, 4, 6, 10, 18 and 35m3 size), a state-of-the-art truck fleet, a storage site of 3.5 ha, industrial siding, modern technological background and importantly, experienced staff.
The processing, preparation of various types of waste according to the needs of steelworks and foundries take place by

  • shredding
  • hydraulic shearing machine
  • flame cutting.

In the case of a higher volume of scrap iron, or if you need and individual price quote, please write to our colleague directly or contact our sales representatives.

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