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MÜ-GU Kft. was established in 1989, it is owned by Müller-Guttenbrunn GmbH of Austria. We started our activities in 1992 in the Hungarian metal waste market at our processing site that was built up as a greenfield investment.

At our site of 35,000 m² in Budapest, in Soroksár, during our operations of almost three decades, owing to the consistent and constant development, we have built up a state-of-the-art receiving base for the treatment of metal and electronic waste. Almost 90 skilled staff members, our sales revenue exceeding HUF 12 billion and our material turnover exceeding 120,000 tons guarantee that the delivery, processing and treatment of waste sold to Mü-Gu Kft, takes place meeting the strict test expectations, while bearing in mind the interests of our partners.

We are proud to have retained our flexibility despite the dynamic development, so, to this day we can respond flexibly to any market opportunity that presents itself. Our youthful, dedicated professional team offers a solution within a short time, even to the most specialized needs, and all that supported by the background of a well-funded international company.

The technical competence of the companies of our company group, Müller-Guttenbrunn Group (in short: MGG) enables the application of processes by which we are already capable within the group of recycling electric and electronic waste, and the metallic and non-metal parts of car wrecks in the highest ratio.

Naturally, we hold all the licenses necessary for our activities required under the Hungarian rules of law (Metal Act, Waste Act, etc.).

Mü-Gu Kft. operates ISO 9001 quality assurance, ISO 14001 environmental management and ISO 18001 MEBIR systems.

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