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Each month, approximately 9,000 to 10,000 tons of scrap iron and metal are delivered to the site of Mü-Gu Kft. in Soroksár, including wrecked cars and electronic waste, our 90 employees, state-of-the-art loading and technological equipment and the experience of several decades of our Company ensure that these are stored, pre-treated and delivered to the waste recovery companies (such as steelworks, foundries, etc.). The delivered materials are received and forwarded in railway wagons, on our industrial siding or by road, using trucks. The material to be processed is delivered by road, by our partners or in our own trucks, for which we have vehicles with a diverse range of superstructures, for meeting all transport needs. Depending on quality, type and quantity, we process the delivered materials using various technologies.

  • shredding
  • shearing, by hydraulic shearing machine
  • assortment by induction sorting machine
  • flame cutting
  • removal of fluids
  • non-ferrous metal baling


In 1998, as a result of a capital investment of 700 million Hungarian forints, we brought into service our Hoffmann shredder machine of 1250 hp, which enables the modern, environmentally sound processing of car wrecks, metal-based packaging materials, industrial and agricultural, electronic, household iron and scrap waste. This internationally recognized process provides high purity steel scrap for melting in metallurgy.

Shearing, by hydraulic shearing machine

We cut up using hydraulic shearing machines for those pre-sorted pieces of steel crap that cannot be fed into the grinding space of the shredder because of their overall size or wall thickness, to the size required by steelworks (usually shorter than 1.5 m), which can be fed.
We use a HENSCHEL hydraulic shearing machine with a shearing force of 850 tons for this purpose.

Assortment by induction sorting machinel

We first classify the crushed, mixed fraction containing materials resulting from shredding, such as various non-ferrous metals, plastic, glass and other non-magnetic materials according to size.
Then an induction sorting machine separates non-ferrous metals from non-metallic materials. From this point a part of the fraction containing non-metallic materials is transported to the plastic processing plant of our Austrian parent company, and another part to the waste deposit site. The fraction containing an assortment of metals is transported to the non-ferrous metal processing plant of our Austrian parent company, for further treatment (flotation).

Non-ferrous metal baling

In accordance with the need of foundries and in order to utilize transport capacities, we deliver aluminium or zinc scraps pressed, baled to our customers.
In order to ensure spotless quality, we only put the materials to be baled into the pressing machine after manual pre-selection, always taking care to pay attention to the sometimes special needs of the customer.

Flame cutting

It is mainly in industrial and agricultural plants that such large and heavy machines are scrapped and disassembled that require flame cutting to be broken up and chopped up into a size suitable for feeding in steelworks.

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