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The member companies of “MGG” Müller-Guttenbrunn Group

are presented in the following map::

The registered seat of the Group is in Amstetten (Austria).

In accordance with the lean and simple corporate structure, only the major functions (Finances, IT, Controlling, Research, Development and Project management) are operated at the headquarters.
The subsidiaries operate independently of each other, on their own, each in its own business area.


A   RO
Metall Recycling Mü-Gu GmbH   S.C. Remat M.G.S.A. Frumuseni
Ausztria   Románia
Industriestrasse 12.   Route DJ 682
A-3300 Amstetten   RO-317121 Frumuseni
Tel.: 0043 7472 64 181-0   Tel.: 0040 257 708121
A   RO
Metran Rohstoff-Aufbereitungs GmbH   S.C. Remat M.G.S.A. Timis
Ausztria   Románia
Wipark 4. Strasse Nr. 3.   Chisoda, comuna Giroc, judetul Timis
3331 Kematen an der Ybbs    
    Tel.: 0040 256 285413
Tel.: 0043 7476 77507    
A   RO
Metran Rohstoff-Handels GmbH   Silnef M.G. Filiala Valcea s.r.l.
Ausztria   Románia
Industriestrasse 12.   Str. Republicii Nr.18
A-3300 Amstetten   RO-240264 Ramnicu Valcea
Tel.: 0043 7472 64758-0   Tel.: 0040 250 733071
A   RO
MBA Polymers Austria Kunststoffverarbeitung GmbH   S.C. Silnef Security s.r.l.
Ausztria   Románia
Wipark 12. Strasse 8.   Mihau Viteazu 99
A-3331 Kematen an der Ybbs   RO-500183 Brasov
Tel.: 0043 7476 77488   Tel.: 0040 368 460027
A   CH
Danubia Speicherei GmbH   Müller-Guttenbrunn Handel GmbH
Ausztria   Svájc
Industriehafenstrasse 4.   Bahnhofstrasse 14.
A-4470 Enns   CH-9475 Sevelen
Tel.: 0043 7223 86365   Tel.: 0041 81 755600-0
Metfer Trading spol s.r.o.   HU
Csehország   Mü-Gu Kft.
Ke Karlovu Str. 20   Magyarország
CZ-32083 Plzen   Ócsai út 4/a.
    H-1239 Budapest
Tel.: 00420 377 421990-2   Tel.: 0036 128 9500
S.C. Remat M.G.S.A.    
str. Campul LiniStii, Nr.1.    
RO-310349 Arad    
Tel.: 0040 257 281760    

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Mü-Gu Kft.

H-1239 Budapest, Ócsai út 4/a.

H-2351 Alsónémedi land register reference 3310/4